[PDF] PRESS FILE. Marseille Provence Cruise Port. By Marseille Provence Cruise Club

Press Kit Marseille Provence Cruise Club – Seatrade Miami March 2012


The Port continues to invest and thereby encourage the development of cruises for Marseille Provence. In terms of infrastructure, the Port of Marseille (the Port) and the Marseille Provence Cruise Terminal (MPCT, the terminal operator) have been investing heavily for many years in order to meet the equipping needs and to adapt to the increasing size of the ships. The Port has first decided to improve the meeting of ships at docks 2, 3 and 186 by increasing and embellishing the attached cruise terminal, thereby allowing optimised welcoming at the terminal of MPCT shareholders and other clients. In March of this year, the Port carried out a feasibility study into enlarging the North Channel in direct co-operation with the shipowners-clients of the MPCT and the Port in order to improve the access and manoeuvrability of the largest cruise ships in difficult meteorological conditions. In addition, the Port recently launched a tender to recondition the Naval 10 Repair Dock, which is the third largest dry dock in the world. With its impressive size (465 long, 85m wide and a draught of 12.5m) this naval repair dock is capable of holding the new generation of cruise ships (between 310-345m). Knowing that today, 65% of the worldwide fleet of large cruise ships is located in the Mediterranean, Marseille is the only port that offers an installation of this size in this area. This project unquestionably adds great value to Marseille as a port of registry. In addition, a specialised centre for the repair of medium sized ships is already operational in docks 8 and 9. For luxury cruises, the Port is developing a new high-class terminal with 2 docks offering direct access to the historic city centre. Thanks to the transformation of this cultural part of the Old Port, created within the programme for “Euromediterranean” city restoration and Marseille Provence 2013, Cultural Capital of Europe, this exclusive clientele will be able to moor in total confidence in a unique environment.

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