[PDF] PRESS FILE. Marseille Provence Cruise Port. By Marseille Provence Cruise Club

Also in 2012… Marseille launchs .. A New Terminal for luxury cruise ships A new terminal is being developed alongside two berths for use by luxury cruise ships. This will provide their guests with direct access to the historic city centre where they will be able to enjoy a unique environment – thanks to the transformation of the cultural part of the Old Port to coincide with Marseille Provence’s year as European Capital of Culture in 2013. In 2012 Marseille Invests for Future …with…a New drydock for even the largest cruise ships The Port has finalized the tender process for its drydocking project which, when completed in late 2014, will provide the largest dry dock area in the Western Mediterranean as it can accommodate cruise ships up to 450m in length.

Press Kit Marseille Provence Cruise Club – Seatrade Miami March 2012


Marseille, a real community Cruise Club Marseille Provence The Marseille Provence CCI, the City of Marseille and the Port of Marseille have been shareholders since 1996 in the Cruise Club Marseille Provence to promote the development of Cruising in Marseille on the commercial market. An active measure was born from this shared commitment which has allowed a real synergy to be established between the economic and local institutional players of the cruise trade. The work of the Cruise Club Marseille Provence has been an unrivalled tool in the development in the frequency of cruise operators and the Club has endlessly adapted to the constant evolutions and specific needs of this trade sector. The missions of the Cruise Club Marseille Provence are based today around 3 main principles which give it a major role: > unifier and initiator of a dynamic promotional measure for the Marseille Provence region •

actions targeting professionals in France and abroad

• communication and promotional operations with the general public during two main tourism shows in large European cities. • commercial missions meeting cruise operators already operating in the area and/or future potential clients of the Port • an annual “Top Cruise” Trade Fair organised in partnership with the AFCC, the French Association of Cruise Lines, between the cruise lines ans all the industry prescribers (operator tours, travel agents etc.) •

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