[PDF] press conference – 25/04/2013


Marseille city’s authorities wished to transform the Hôtel-Dieu in order to boost its overall hotel capacity to host international visitors. The ultimate goal was to ensure that Marseille would become a leading destination for world-wide tourism.

Large-scale consultation among professionals (investors, promotional, construction, architectural, and hotel management groups) began in April 2005.


On February 5, 2007, the city Council of Marseille named the winning consor tium. The choice was based on the exceptionally high quality of the proposed project and the meticulous respect for the site’s cultural heritage brought to bear throughout the period of construction. The winning group included an investor, AXA Real Estate, a developer, Altarea Cogedim, and a hotel operations group, the InterContinental Hotels Group, operating under the trade name of InterContinental Hotels & Resor ts. The architectural design was entrusted to the Anthony Béchu Agency, and to Tangram Architects, while the interior design was assigned to the group composed of the Nuel Agency, Tangram Architects and Volume ABC.

In 2003, the city Council gave their approval to the agreement with the Public Assistance Authorities for Marseille Hospitals for the acquisition of the entire proper ty. Their aim was to create a hotel that would offer all the services available in topquality establishments, while in no way disfiguring the existing building with its beauty and its history. It would add to and enhance Marseille’s history by subtly integrating the old and the new.


6 bids were in competition in October, 2005.

AXA REAL ESTATE’S HOTEL EXPERTISE Aware of the specific issues surrounding hotel investments, AXA Real Estate has developed specialized skills in this domain since 2007. The group’s savoir faire in real estate development is hugely valuable in hotel development. With a hotel por tfolio valued at 500 million euros in 2007, AXA Real Estate has built up an asset base of 2 billion euros across Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK) The por tfolio includes all hotel categories, from budget to luxury. AXA Real Estate currently manages over a hundred hotels, in the region of 15,700 rooms, 10% of which are currently under development. As with, the Radisson Blu in Nantes, the HotelDieu in Marseille perpetuates this tradition of excellence in hotel development, backed by proven exper tise in the conversion of historic monuments into modern buildings.

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