[PDF] press conference – 25/04/2013

The two saunas, one of which is infra-red, allow you to remove tension, stimulate blood flow, relax your muscles and even eliminate fatigue in the soothing dry heat with no humidity or steam.

1,000 m2 of pure leisure, 6 treatment booths, a pool, 2 saunas, steam baths and a relaxation room with a terrace overlooking the “Vieux-Port”, the Spa is an ideal location to enjoy a relaxing experience for both mind and body.

A POOL THAT IS CHARACTERISTIC OF MARSEILLE Perfectly secluded and protected from public view and from the harsh rays of the sun, in infinitely peaceful surroundings, you will be lulled by the soft rhythm of the water dropping onto the smooth surface of the pool. This is no ordinary hotel pool. This is the very heart of Provence. Imagine the traditional lavoirs, the local places for washing clothes, the perimeter with its pale local stones, the quality of the mineral surface and the direct proximity of the building with its sober, massive dimensions. The intimate space as the Here all is secluded, out of sight of passersby. On the western side is a wall and to the east an exterior passageway a barrier that blocks the sun. The design is an alliance of the old and the refined Based on the traditional lavoir, the pool is bordered on one side by a stone wall from which water gently flows. This wall is the theatre for the perpetually moving water that feeds the pool.


The temperatures that vary between 40 and 60°C offer peace and tranquility, where you can relax and recuperate, amid soothing tones.

THE FITNESS CENTRE The fitness centre can be found on the second floor to the front of the western wing of the building. Open on three sides and featuring large French doors, it boasts ever-present light and has an outstanding view of the Hôtel-Dieu and the “Vieux-Port”. Not an ordinary fitness centre! This one offers, on the one hand, an invitingly comfortable atmosphere a “home from home” feeling of wellbeing”, but, contrastingly, on the other hand, provides all the functional elements generally associated with sports centres. The equipment includes all the Technogym range with new innovative technology: WIFI connections and personalized touch-sensitive screens.

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