[PDF] press conference – 25/04/2013


The absolute immensity of the place, often attained by removing half levels that were added over time, gives visitors a sense of fascination and a feeling of continuous discovery. From monumental staircases to vaulted passageways, from rooms of extraordinary size to gardens overlooking the city, the architecture of this building changes from history to extravagance, providing a unique oppor tunity to experience the very essence of Marseille in every room, wall and stone.

Anthony Béchu Architect with the AAAB agency A graduate of the Academy of History and Conservation of Historic Monuments, Anthony-Emmanuel Béchu has been a DPLG architect since 1976. Director of the American Art Schools in Fontainebleau, he is a professor at the Special Institute for Public Works in Paris. A member of the Academy of Technologies and the Academy of Fine Arts, his work distinguishes itself by his large-scale international architectural and urban design operations, especially in Paris with the rehabilitation of the Edward the 7th islet in the Opera neighbourhood, the Madeleine-Cambon islet, and the Vendôme-Capucines islet, as well as the installation of eco-cities in China. Passionate for history and archaeology, through urban design projects, repurposing of ancient centres, renovation of buildings, and contemporary architecture, his principal objective is to unify histories while implementing strategies that address current problems, and to restore roots to the places and to the people that have lost them. Mindful of the need to build for sustainable development and following the lead of the Grenelle environmental accords, he optimizes HQE design, Lead, in all his projects: urban improvement, infrastructure, urban design, and construction. He also brings his passion to a number of cultural projects: the Edward the 7th Theatre, the Winter Circus, the Theatre of the Three Baudets, and the renaissance of the legendary Olympia Music Hall! The A. Béchu architectural agency has designed corporate headquarters like Dassault Aviation, Chanel, HSBC Champs Elysées, many residential buildings, hotels, the famous CELAP University in Pudong (Shanhai) and the future cinema city in Tsingtao.The firm is active in Asia, in China,Vietnam, Mongolia, in the Middle East, in Qatar, Iraq, the Lebanon, and in Eastern Europe, in Russia, Poland, Romania, and in Africa, in Senegal and Ivory Coast.

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