[PDF] press conference – 25/04/2013

The gardens overlooking the Villeneuve-Bargemon space and the cultural space that is par t ofthis site serve to remind us of the long history of the Hôtel-Dieu. The cultural space was a direct request from the Marseille’s city council, keen to offer its population a place to promote the building’s cultural heritage. The Tangram agency have managed to restore the building’s original historical hallmark in this stone setting by conserving the vaults with their bare walls and pillars, the dark castle-like parquet floors and the massive entrance doors.

and is a haven of sunlight at the end of the day. The setting sun illuminates the planes of the façades.

“…In the hotel, there is a brasserie, a bar, a restaurant, and a spa that opens onto a large natural terrace overlooking the “Vieux-Port”. To the rear, we have built 85 dwellings along the Rue de la Petite Roquette and the Rue des Belles Ecuelles to refashion a link between the “Panier” and this new construction.” Anthony Béchu

Sophistication is seen in the quality of the mineral Elements present in the original building and also in the refurbished par ts where modern mineral elements have been used. This association offers a unique architectural arrangement that fluctuates between innovation and tradition.

OVERALL ARCHITECTURE The entance to the walkway on the forecour t was reshaped and the lobby placed under the grand terrace illuminated by a glass wall that allows visitors to admire the architecture from every vantage point. Two monumental staircases and two elevators allow access to the 2nd floor. Here you will find the terrace with its view of the “Vieux-Por t”, the SPA, the bar, the brasserie and the gourmet restaurant. These two staircases also take you to the rooms down long corridors with the grand galleries along the main façade. Within these galleries, the thickness of the wall allows for furniture and installations wiuthin the wall itself. The patio provides calm, shade


The aim in reviving this structure was to provide a vital asset for Marseille, to welcome visitors and provide a suitable venue for conventions, cultural events and festivals in the city. The interior patio serves as a shady terrace that, in winter, extends into the area provided by the glass wall with the bar and meeting rooms along the side.

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