[PDF] press conference – 25/04/2013

“It was not an obvious thing to combine a new function for the building, implementing new environmental standards while preserving the heritage”, highlights Florence Comte-Sperling, Program Director at Cogedim Provence. “The financial context was also complex as the program lived through the 2008 financial crisis, also integrating a vast building program at the heart of the Panier district… But eventually, we retain the pride of having been part of the rebirth of an exceptional landmark. Marseille and the Hôtel-Dieu well deserved it”, declares JeanYves Raimond, Managing Director of Corporate Real Estate at Cogedim Régions.

ARCHITECTURE INSPIRED BY THE SOUL OF THE BUILDING THE INSPIRATION FOR THE PROJECT It was the very building itself that inspired the architects from AAAB and Tangram Architects. An 18th century construction based on plans by Mansar t, regarded as one of the most wonderful hospital buildings of the French Ancien Régime. The architects recognized the scope for oppor tunity provided by the history of the place. Their idea was to connect this same history to the new role of a hotel, while assuring a cer tain coherence with the original building, architecturally. The mineral character of the building, seen in the magnificent façades of Cassis and La Couronne stone with their effective colonnades, imbue the project with a spirit and provide a sense of identity for the new hotel.

A LINK WITH THE CITY The refurbishment of the Hôtel-Dieu is also for the inhabitants of Marseille. It is completely par t of the city , hoping to become an integral par t of the daily life of the citizens of Marseille. “We wish to respect this por tion of the city’s cultural Heritage and to merge with the city, both geographically and culturally,whilst giving the people of Marseille the chance to enjoy this place,” said Didier Boidin, speaking on behalf of the InterContinental Hotels Group The forecour t is available to all those who wish to revel in a novel experience and enjoy the panoramic view of Marseille. The spa, the bar, the brasserie and the restaurant are open to the public at large, you do not need to be a resident.

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