[PDF] press conference – 25/04/2013

THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PROCEDURE This extraordinary construction has also raised a number of issues linked to the conservation of listed monuments and their improvement, as well as the assimilation of modern technology into a transparent and continuous sustainable development programme.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS Excavations were conducted from December, 2009, until the end of February, 2010, in order to preserve a trace of the remarkable history of this building. These efforts were primarily concentrated in two areas: -The Saint-Esprit 12th century hospital chapel from the 12th century, buried in the gardens of the InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu -The 18th century bronzesmith’s oven located in the residential zone onthe rue des Belles Ecuelles. To allow visitors to admire the historical riches of the site, a fragment of an antique Roman mosaic, discovered in the foundations of the 12th century chapel, will be on display in the hotel.

ALTAREA COGEDIM, a brand with high standards. ALTAREA COGEDIM is working around a specific model. As much a commercial management company as a property developer for business or hotel purpose it participates to create entire parts of cities. That specific model has been relying on the Cogedim brand for residential or office projects for over 50 years, offering savoir-faire to dynamic local authorities and their inhabitants. The brand is based on quality, inovation, attention to details, trust, Cogedim is a highly demanding brand for itself but most importantly for its clients. ALTAREA COGEDIM has been developping over the years a specific expertise in the luxury hospitality industry; Marriott-Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe, with the architect Christian de portzamparc, a 118-room 5* hotel including on ground floor 1600m2 of commercial area, an indoor patio with access to the newly restaured Wagram concert hall; the renovation of the Court House in Nantes into a 4* hotel or the Hotel-Dieu in Marseille are the most emblematic projects of the Group. «With over 800 rooms to deliver until the end of 2013, ALTAREA COGEDIM has imposed itself as a major operator on the hotel property development market.Those sites are emblematic of the company’s expertise over complex projects», says C. de Gournay, CEO Cogedim.

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