<strong>Discover</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>France</strong> From Marseille to Nice The Treasures <strong>of</strong> Provence & <strong>the</strong> Cote d’Azur ~ Cuisine, Wine, History & Culture October 21 – 29, 2012 <strong>with</strong> The World <strong>of</strong> MBI & <strong>Chef</strong> <strong>Michel</strong> Bouit, President, Disciples Esc<strong>of</strong>fier International USA Auguste Esc<strong>of</strong>fier (1847-1935) <strong>the</strong> “Fa<strong>the</strong>r <strong>of</strong> Modern Cuisine” was a renowned chef, teacher, and author <strong>of</strong> Le Guide Culinaire among o<strong>the</strong>rs. Born in <strong>France</strong> <strong>the</strong> small village <strong>of</strong> Villeneuve-Loubet near Nice, his culinary visions were known not only in <strong>France</strong> but influenced cuisine worldwide. When <strong>the</strong> Savoy Hotel was opened in London in 1898 under <strong>the</strong> direction <strong>of</strong> Esc<strong>of</strong>fier and Cesar Ritz, grand cuisine was still <strong>the</strong> exception. These two chefs waged a successful campaign to assure that <strong>the</strong>ir a la carte <strong>of</strong>ferings were <strong>the</strong> finest and <strong>the</strong>ir service <strong>the</strong> best. Esc<strong>of</strong>fier simplified <strong>the</strong> classical menu in accordance <strong>with</strong> <strong>the</strong> principles <strong>of</strong> Anton Careme and initiated <strong>the</strong> kitchen brigade system. It is in this spirit that The World <strong>of</strong> MBI has created this trip – <strong>the</strong> 3 rd <strong>of</strong> its kind- to keep alive <strong>the</strong> memory and lifetime culinary achievements <strong>of</strong> Auguste Esc<strong>of</strong>fier and to gain a better understanding and appreciation <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> art <strong>of</strong> good living and <strong>the</strong> traditions <strong>of</strong> French cuisine. Saturday, October 21 – Departure for <strong>France</strong> Sunday, October 22 – Arrive in Marseille. Check-in for 1 night at <strong>the</strong> S<strong>of</strong>itel Hotel Marseille Vieux Port <strong>with</strong> its panoramic views <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> ancient seaport. The remainder <strong>of</strong> <strong>the</strong> day is free to explore Marseille. Welcome Dinner at Restaurant La Daurade in <strong>the</strong> Old District. Monday, October 23 – After breakfast we will visit Marseille’s fish market as <strong>the</strong> fishermen return <strong>with</strong> <strong>the</strong> day’s catch. Then we visit Ferme Cachalot, a fish farm that produces gilt-head and loup de mer in La Seyne sur Mer. Today, we will enjoy lunch at Restaurant La Vague d’Or. Our next stop is La Cadiere d’Azur, our home for <strong>the</strong> next 2 nights. The 11 th century Hostellerie Berard is located in <strong>the</strong> heart <strong>of</strong> this medieval Provencal village. Dinner is enjoyed at l’Hostellerie <strong>with</strong> chef/proprietor Rene Berard, Maitre Cuisinier de <strong>France</strong>, whose dining room opens onto <strong>the</strong> vineyards <strong>of</strong> Bandol and all <strong>of</strong> Provence is at <strong>the</strong> table! Tuesday, October 24 – After breakfast, we visit The Domaine de Souviou in Le Beausset, a beautiful property dating back to <strong>the</strong> 16th century where grapevines and ancient olive trees bloom toge<strong>the</strong>r in harmony <strong>with</strong> a VIP tasting <strong>of</strong> Bandol and Cotes de Provence wines and virgin olive oil.

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